The Most Beautiful Locations for Easter Celebrations

02h-easter-holy-week-holy-fire-in-the-church-of-the-holy-sepulchre-in-jerusalemEaster is among the most important events in the Christian calendar. It is celebrated across the world, so the chance to celebrate the holiday in a beautiful location is huge. Take a break from work, pick your destination, and have an amazing time this Easter. You can enjoy nature, and also learn about the local customs and traditions in these places. Here are a few options you can choose from.

Malta – Malta is a beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea. Easter in Malta is marked with celebrations held throughout Holy Week with great spirituality. The tradition is to visit the “seven churches” along with some other interesting destinations. Biblical scenes are reconstructed in the Maltese villages and towns on Good Friday, and they are truly captivating displays. People dress up like Roman soldiers in the parades, while others dress in robes and hoods and walk with metal chains tied to their ankles. It’s a spectacle to watch.

Rome – There are few places more appropriate to celebrate Easter than in Rome, after all—it’s the capital of Christianity. The Vatican is a busy place this time of the year. One of the biggest events is the “Way of the Cross” at the Colosseum and the Via Crucis as well that depicts the final moments of Jesus. The Pope leads the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing at noon from St. Peter’s Basilica. That’s a huge attraction in Rome during Easter. Traditional dishes include goat or lamb, Easter breads, and artichokes, which are in season and a Roman specialty.

Jerusalem – Those who are religious should definitely head to Jerusalem for Easter. You can go to the Mount of Olives and the Dome of the Rock. Don’t miss Coenaculum either, and be sure to walk along Via Dolorosa, the path that Jesus himself took. Jerusalem is a unique city, so you are sure to love your visit, even if you are not all that religious. You will fall in love with this vibrant and modern city, which is steeped in history and traditions.

Madrid – The Spanish capital is a fine place for your Easter vacation. There are as many as 20 religious processions, starting with the Domingo de Ramos, where locals bearing palm branches flood the streets. Madrid’s Archbishop starts off the Holy Wednesday. Statues of Jesus del Gran Poder and Virgin Maria Santisima de la Esperanza are brought out and displayed. Then, the Procession of Silence is held on Good Friday.

Bucovina, Romania – Head to this beautiful Romanian city to see the gorgeous Easter eggs on display. People have been practicing this veritable art for generations. Several Christian traditions, such as Resurrection of Christ, are celebrated.


The Best Places to Travel in February

There are plenty of places to visit and lots to do in February. There is the Quebec Winter Carnival, the Art Deco Weekend of New Zealand, the Imagine Children’s Festival at Southbank in London, and more. There is something for everybody in February, whatever the age.

Here are some of the best places to visit in February.

Turks and Caicosturks and caicosAlmost all the Caribbean Islands are fantastic destinations, and February is a good time to visit all of them. Choose Turks and Caicos, because there are fewer people here. It’s a slice of paradise with glistering waters, sunny days, and sandy beaches. Spend your Valentine’s Day here.

Sydney, Australia – February is still cold in the northern hemisphere. Why not head to the south to escape the polar winds and chill? There aren’t many better cities to visit than Sydney. And if you can extend your trip, then you could go to Melbourne, see the Gold Coast, and visit the Great Barrier Reef as well. It is sure to be a fantastic trip.

New Zealandnew_zealand_3Another option in the southern hemisphere is New Zealand, a country steeped in incredible natural beauty. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy classic outdoor adventure in the country. Go on a camping, hiking, or fishing trip, or cruise around the islands and the hidden coves. February is the end of summer here, so the weather will be perfect.

India – India is a country with a lot of variety. There are amazing nature reserves with elephants, tigers, and rhinos, plus historical sites spread out across the country, backwaters, beaches, and World Heritage Sites. The summer heat and humidity can be a killer in India, but February is just the right time to visit the country. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold.

Venice, Italy venice carnevaleThere is the Venice Carnival in February, which is the most happening time of the year in this unique water-city. Venice has hosted its carnevale since the 15th Century and it’s a must watch. You’ll love the extravagant event and the masks as the procession leaves Piazza San Marco. There is a Nordic walk with costumes, decorated boats, a water parade, and a masked costume contest.

Paris or London – It’s still quite cold in both Paris and London, but there are fewer tourists this time of year.  as a result, you’ll get plenty of deals, including hotel deals. It makes sense to save money when you have to see and do so much in these cities.

A Relaxing Holiday in Crete

crete beach

The largest of the Greek islands is Crete. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea and has a moderate climate and a wide variety of geography with lots of mountains from the west to east. These mountains provide Crete with fertile plateaus, breathtaking gorges, and mysterious caves. Crete also has a number of rivers and some great beaches. All these natural wonders are combined with some great historical sites from the time of ancient Greece and the Roman empire.



Guests to Crete can also enjoy the Aquaworld Aquarium with lots of local sea life and reptiles, as well as some rescued and unwanted pets from around the world.  Other Crete attractions include multiple archaeological sites featuring mesmerizing ruins and many monasteries.

Luxury Crete Hotels

Sleep in late at your Crete hotel and then enjoy the Six Senses Spa at Porto Elounda Crete which was said to be the “world’s best spa” by the Sunday Times Travel magazine. You can also enjoy a great deal of amenities at your Crete hotel including on site restaurants and bars, swimming pools, and more according to what you need and want. You can choose your Crete hotel at, where you will learn all about the island and can even book your stay.

Crete can be reached by either plane or ferry and there are multiple car rental agencies around the island, in addition to public transportation.

Explore the largest of the Greek island with a lovely holiday in Crete!

Information on Russia’s food and drinks

Russia offers various meals for their tourists. You can try their common menu or their extreme one. The price of the meal is also varied so you don’t have to worry about that.

Russia is pretty cold. They will need to have more fat to warm their body. It means that you will have more and more meat on your meal though you can also order vegetables. For meat, you can have Pelmeni which is meat filled dumplings. You can also ask for soup like Okroshka and Schi. If you want salad, you can have Olivier (potato salad) and vinegret. If you want to try Russian kebab, you can order Shashlyk.

If you want to go cheaper, you can go to the western chain food restaurant. You can also try their street food such as blinis and stuffed potatoes. Do not think that cafe in Russia is only for drinks, this place also offer full range of meals so you can have your lunch here.

Bottled water and coke are always available in dining places. You can have tap water if you want to. If you want more options for your drinks, you can have vodka, imported liquors or international soft drinks. Do not miss the chance to enjoy Mors. Mors is traditional wild berry drink. Kvas will be a good option if you want a taste like wine with sour sweet but non-alcoholic naturally carbonized drink made of dark bread fermentation.

If you want to taste wine from Georgia and Moldova, you can have it in Moscow and also St. Petersburg without going to the city. The price is a bit expensive Soviet champagne or sparkling wine is also available here in affordable price. Most of the wine in Russia is sweet. If you want to have dry taste, you should ask the waiter or seller.

Most Romantic Beaches in Mexico

There are a lot of destinations available in Mexico; you can visit one of them to make a good romantic getaway. This country is also one of the most popular destinations for honeymoon. If you are confused, here are some recommendations.

1. Acapulco

In this city, you will find various ports and also coastal resorts. Some of Hollywood movies are filmed in this area because Acapulco has very stunning view with its semi-circular bay, coves, cliffs and beaches. If you want to have a romantic seaside honeymoon, come to Acapulco. Do not forget to visit a resto-bar named Su Casa. You will also be able to enjoy nightlife in this area. This area is very lively at night.

2. Puerto Vallarta

This is a nice city with wonderful offerings. It is surrounded by Sierra Madre occidental Mountains so you will be charmed with its beauty. Puerto Vallarta can be a good destination if you like watersport and indulge in a beauty beach and fresh water. Snorkeling is one of the most famous activities in this city. If you are bored with beaches, you can take a short trip to San Sebastian, a mining town, museum or archaeology is also available to see pre-Colombian artifacts and other historical site.

3. Mazatlan

This city is situated for about 650 miles from Mexico City. It is a bit difficult to reach this town since you need to charter a transportation to reach this city. Water sport as well as nice view is available in this city, you can try watersport. If you want to have a quiet place, Hotel Aguamarina is the best answer with its romantic night and camping by the sea, if you like camping. It is less crowded than other beach resort in Mexico. This is the best destination for very quiet and personal vacation.

Best London Attractions

London is one of the most important capital cities of the world and anyone visiting London should not miss on some of its major tourist attractions. You cannot afford to miss out on these “must sees”, which are:

Buckingham Palace
This is the first place that you must visit. It is situated at the end of the world famous “Mall”. The Buckingham Palace is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth and it is perhaps the most easily recognizable buildings of the world. Visit the place at 11:30 in the morning to witness the ceremony of “The Changing of the Guard”, which takes place every day during summers.

Tower of London
This is the second most important attraction of London, which stands guard over the river Thames. It has been a royal palace as well as a prison. The Tower houses the “crown jewels” that is one of the most popular and incomparable jewelry collections of the world, worn on various occasions by Queen Elizabeth.

Tower Bridge
Situated next to the Tower of London, is the Tower Bridge. It is a brilliant piece of architecture and depicts the skills of Victorian Engineering. It is a Bascule bridge, meaning that it can be raised to allow the ships to pass underneath.

Maritime Greenwich
This tourist attraction can be seen on the stunning grounds on the banks of river Thames. This is a global heritage site and accommodates the Royal observatory. This is where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) comes from and rests on the Meridian Longitude of zero degrees.

The Houses of Parliament
This one is again situated on the banks of river Thames. It is simply a masterpiece in terms of architectural design and is one of the most easily recognizable places in the world. This is the place where British government carries out its plans and it is also a home to the famous Big Ben.

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5 Top Winter Destinations in Europe

Winter brings gloomy mood on everyone but you can cheer up yourself by having a nice trip in various places. Take a short break to Europe and enjoy different view, sightings and also cosy places available in this continent. Here are 5 top winter destinations in Europe.

1. Prague

This is one of the best place to spend your short winter break. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of Prague. The snow covered towers and skyline are the best offerings. Complete your visit with nice shopping. Do not forget to visit the old town and also the courtyard of the Prague Castle.

2. Vienna

Enjoy wonderful view from Austria baroque architecture around the city. Come to one of the best cafe in Vienna to enjoy their coffee and cakes while looking outside from the window. Vienna offers various attractions and also shopping as well as culinary options.

3. Salzbrug

If you are not interested with Vienna, why don’t you come to visit Salzburg. Enjoy the view of the old town complete with the medieval, baroque, domes, spires, gothic and also Romanesque buildings.
Come at Mozart’s birthplace and also a Sound of Music tour can be a good option.

4. Zurich

This city can be a good destination if you love skiing but if you just want to have a cup of hot chocolate, this city offers various smart coffee shops. Enjoy steaming heisse schoggi in the snowy season to get sweetest sip on your cup. Getting around the city and watching how to make handmade pralines as well as shopping in chic boutiques are also wonderful activities to do in Zurich.

5. Copenhagen

This is one of the best winter escapes. Do not miss the chance to see how the beer is made and do not hesitate to taste the beer. Copenhagen is also known for the hot sausages. You need to enjoy the sausages from one of the best cafes in the city.