Information on Russia’s food and drinks

Russia offers various meals for their tourists. You can try their common menu or their extreme one. The price of the meal is also varied so you don’t have to worry about that.

Russia is pretty cold. They will need to have more fat to warm their body. It means that you will have more and more meat on your meal though you can also order vegetables. For meat, you can have Pelmeni which is meat filled dumplings. You can also ask for soup like Okroshka and Schi. If you want salad, you can have Olivier (potato salad) and vinegret. If you want to try Russian kebab, you can order Shashlyk.

If you want to go cheaper, you can go to the western chain food restaurant. You can also try their street food such as blinis and stuffed potatoes. Do not think that cafe in Russia is only for drinks, this place also offer full range of meals so you can have your lunch here.

Bottled water and coke are always available in dining places. You can have tap water if you want to. If you want more options for your drinks, you can have vodka, imported liquors or international soft drinks. Do not miss the chance to enjoy Mors. Mors is traditional wild berry drink. Kvas will be a good option if you want a taste like wine with sour sweet but non-alcoholic naturally carbonized drink made of dark bread fermentation.

If you want to taste wine from Georgia and Moldova, you can have it in Moscow and also St. Petersburg without going to the city. The price is a bit expensive Soviet champagne or sparkling wine is also available here in affordable price. Most of the wine in Russia is sweet. If you want to have dry taste, you should ask the waiter or seller.


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