A Relaxing Holiday in Crete

crete beach

The largest of the Greek islands is Crete. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea and has a moderate climate and a wide variety of geography with lots of mountains from the west to east. These mountains provide Crete with fertile plateaus, breathtaking gorges, and mysterious caves. Crete also has a number of rivers and some great beaches. All these natural wonders are combined with some great historical sites from the time of ancient Greece and the Roman empire.



Guests to Crete can also enjoy the Aquaworld Aquarium with lots of local sea life and reptiles, as well as some rescued and unwanted pets from around the world.  Other Crete attractions include multiple archaeological sites featuring mesmerizing ruins and many monasteries.

Luxury Crete Hotels

Sleep in late at your Crete hotel and then enjoy the Six Senses Spa at Porto Elounda Crete which was said to be the “world’s best spa” by the Sunday Times Travel magazine. You can also enjoy a great deal of amenities at your Crete hotel including on site restaurants and bars, swimming pools, and more according to what you need and want. You can choose your Crete hotel at prontohotel.com, where you will learn all about the island and can even book your stay.

Crete can be reached by either plane or ferry and there are multiple car rental agencies around the island, in addition to public transportation.

Explore the largest of the Greek island with a lovely holiday in Crete!


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